The fact of infection by Ebola virus in Kaliningrad was not confirmed

Previously, doctors discovered one of the patients the symptoms of the disease Ebola. Further examination denied the fact of infection.

The businessman was admitted to the hospital Kaliningrad immediately after a trip to Africa. The patient complained of malaise, fever and General weakness. Doctors diagnosed him with signs of acute inflammation: a high fever and redness of the mucous.

For security purposes, a man isolated in Boxing, further diagnostics revealed he has a sore throat, inflammation of the tonsils.

Note, the measures taken in respect of a sick person is forced and necessary. Most countries of the world do everything to infection in the form of the Ebola virus has not gone beyond the African continent. However, isolated cases have already been recorded in some of the larger States, for example, in the United States of America.

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Vaccines against Ebola virus does not exist, only symptomatic treatment, mortality from the disease is extremely high, as the risk of infection after contact with a sick person.

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