The extra pounds are formed due to skipping of meals – the scientists

Scientists at Ohio state University are reminded about the rules of healthy eating. Have to eat often and small portions. Skip the main meals may not reduce the weight, but rather to increase the thickness of fat in the abdominal area. The data has been confirmed in experiments with laboratory mice, says Zee News.

Rodents who received all of their daily ration at one time, had a high resistance to insulin. The digestive system has stopped responding to the food intake adequate. As a result, the excess sugar produced in the body, turned into abdominal fat. In the control group with frequent and smaller meals similar phenomenon scientists have not noticed.

Proven fat in the abdomen is one of the major risk factors of diabetes mellitus of the second type. A chronic disease, patients should have the rest of your life to control the sugar level, monitor the quality and quantity of food consumed, to take special medication, in severe forms of insulin.

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