The experts were allowed to sit for 10 hours a day

A sedentary life causes less harm, as previously thought. Experts agreed in opinion that you can sit up to ten hours a day. However, the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system will not rise.

A group of scientists from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Universities of Minnesota and Texas, the study proved that sedentary work has a minimal damaging effect on the cardiovascular system. Only the researchers analyzed the results of nine scientific studies in which took part more than 720 000 people.

Observing changes in health status, the researchers came to a simple conclusion. There are many factors that increase the risk of heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle is one of them. Its weight is not higher than Smoking, alcohol consumption, poor environment or genetic predisposition. However, to combat a sedentary lifestyle can and should be.

It should be noted that the risk significantly increases if a person spends in a sitting position for more than 12-13 hours a day. Then the probability of cardiovascular disease increases by about 14%.

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