The experts were allowed to leave their children with nannies

Parents choosing to leave their children with nannies, you can be assured that the health of their children is not in danger. Researchers from Boston College have established, the care of strangers adults even beneficial to the child. These were installed in a survey of 939 parents from Norway.

Respondents shared with scientists, how much time their children at different ages was carried out with the nannies. It turned out, the longer the child stayed with a stranger, the less aggressive he seemed parents. Scientists believe that after four years the mother can feel free to go to work and leave their children with a babysitter. The main thing that this man possessed all the necessary qualities.

In another study conducted earlier scholars said: the children of working mothers have a high chance to be successful when they grow. Apparently, the image of the working mother gives children the impression, and they want to become their adult years.

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