The experts voiced the ideal age for first birth

It was not so clear. A group of researchers from the Netherlands (University. Erasmus) believes that the best age for birth of first child can vary depending on how many children are in the future plans to have a woman.

According to statistics, only 50% of women in Europe have children at the age from 20 to 29 years. Another 40% are resolved on the first-born to 30-39 years. We will note, according to international recommendations, the child is better to give birth to 35 years, then the percentage of accumulated mutations in the genome of the mother is growing steadily and increases the risk of diseases in the unborn child.

Scientists conclude: if the mother is planning two children, it is better to conceive of the first 27 years of age. If you plan to have only one child, the term is drawn up to 32 years. The risk of complications in the mother and congenital diseases of the child in this case is committed to a minimum with full health and the father and mother of the unborn child.

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