The experts recognized fitness trackers are useless

Scientists say: the gadgets, take into account the physical activity does not bring tangible benefits in achieving concrete results. It is likely that the majority of users of fitness trackers it's nice to see how much they ran, passed, sailed, burned calories. However, on the final performance of physical activity gadgets have no effect, writes The Telegraph.

In an experiment, volunteers were given a tracker that takes into account physical activity. Subjects offered during the year to play sports. Takes into account data on changes in weight dobrovoltsi group. Before the first group set a specific goal (run a certain number of miles to do per day 10 000 steps), others played sports for cash prizes. The last group any artificial stimuli did not.

The experiment proved that the wearing of a GPS bracelet or a FOB for physical activity does not affect. Interestingly, monetary incentive has worked well. But soon after profit and end the first part of the experiment, the level of activity of volunteers from this group have returned to normal performance.

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