The experts identified five "killers" of the brain.

The following simple rules are able to maintain healthy brain for years to come. Scientists have published a list of the five habits of acting detrimental to neural tissue.

One of the most common reasons were lack of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to depletion of the nervous system, depression, reduced working capacity. In the long-term consequences of sleep problems can cause serious mental illness.

The second reason is the constant stress. Experts from the University of Hokkaido determined daily stressful situation kills the brain cells and increase the risk of developing most of the somatic and infectious diseases.

The next reason is Smoking. The inhalation of tar, nicotine and other toxic compounds leads to hypoxia of the brain, the narrowing of blood vessels. Cigarettes are changing the clotting of blood, leading to blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

The scientists also suggest that you drink more water. Dehydration after drinking alcohol can trigger a stroke.

Drugs detrimental effect on the whole body. Most drugs kill brain cells and cause drug dependence.

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