The experts found the average sleep duration in different countries

People from different countries have different attitudes toward sleep. Scientists from the University of Michigan tried to figure out how much on average people sleep depending on place of residence. On the results says the publication Science Advances.

To obtain reliable statistics, scientists have created an app for mobile phone and invited volunteers from all over the world to use it to record sleep and wakefulness.

It turned out that the people of Japan and Singapore sleep longer than people in Holland. In Japan the average person pays about 7.5 hours sleep, France – 8 hours in the Netherlands is 8 hours and 12 minutes.

Women sleep longer than men by an average of 30 minutes. The least sleep of middle-aged men. At a young age people usually do not pay attention, when to go to sleep, because the body can recover even after several hours in bed.

Another study proves that regardless of the country of residence of the people do not deny yourself the opportunity to sit a little longer in the evening at home. They are willing to sacrifice their sleep for the sake of entertainment.

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