The experiment snails were allowed to learn, how the brain makes decisions

Experts at the University of Sussex made an important discovery: they identified a chain of neurons in the brain, which is responsible for making the decision. The experiment they conducted on the snails. These inhabitants of the globe for decision-making meets 2 of the neuron. Such conclusion scientists have made, based on the behavior of mollusks searching for food.

A similar conclusion was made in the study of activity changes in the brain of these animals. Researchers have proven that 2 neurons were responsible for this process. The first was involved with the signal about the presence of food, and the second analyzed the state of the cochlea to determine if she is experiencing the feeling of hunger.

System consisting of 2 neurons, created by nature, a very rational and economical. Because in those moments when the snail wasn't hungry, her brain-wave activity decreased, whereby the achieved energy savings.

Research scientists are the first but very important steps, which aim to study the functioning of the brain. Perhaps, over time, be able to lift the veil of secrecy over the activities of the brain are more highly developed creatures that inhabit the Earth.

The findings of scientists can be helpful in making robots and in other fields in science: biology and medicine.

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