The experiment showed that gamers operation not inferior doctors-interns

Scientists from the University of Texas conducted an unusual experiment involving gamers, "armed" virtual surgical instruments. Their ability compared with the control group, consisting of doctors-interns. As reported by portal proved that gamers are a little better than their rivals.

A team of gamers was composed of high school students, conducted for games every day for two hours, and students, who played for four hours daily. Last scored more outstanding results. Before the main part of the experiment, participants in the procedures did not use robots, which were required special skills. At this stage came forward interns.

The main part of the study called for the use of robotic devices with imitation of this surgical intervention (e.g., job stitching wounds). Evaluation exhibited with regard to the pressure exerted on the tool, shown motor coordination.

According to experts, computer games can help train a generation of surgeons. Also with this opening, you can modify the educational process in medical.

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