The expansion and correction of the lips: 3 basic ways

Confidence woman gives it an attractive appearance, a feeling of perfection and excellence, which depend on many things, starting from the tips of the hair and ending with the tips of the nails. One such integral puzzles that make up a single image, are the lips. They can give their owner a special attraction, charm and sexuality. Naturally beautiful lips are the dream of every woman that came true, unfortunately, not at all. To correct this "mistake" it is possible, using cosmetics, but the result is often poor or fail at the first opportunity (after a meal, when kissing or bad weather). But that being said, no problem. After all, every woman has the ability to make their lips are not just beautiful, and perfect, like selecting one of the correction methods.

One of the easiest ways to make the lips a visual volume to adjust their contours and hide unwanted scars or birthmarks - micropigmentation. With the help of special natural dyes maximum safe and natural result, which is stored for a long time (the length of the result depends on the dye) and allows you to forget about having to use lipstick and pencil.

But at the same time, you need to be prepared for a number of unpleasant moments. First, change the makeup lip a certain time will fail, but only to Supplement it with lipstick or gloss. Secondly, deciding on the procedure, you will have to experience the unpleasant, perhaps even pain, which is not always possible to mute anesthetic agents. Thirdly, there are some contraindications that prevent the passage of people with cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and diseases of the nervous or respiratory system, pregnant and breastfeeding. Fourth, to evaluate the result only at the end of the recovery period and it depends on the experience of the specialist.

A more dramatic way to change the shape of the lips, to increase their volume, to correct the asymmetry, to give sensitivity and rejuvenating the skin to resort to subcutaneous injections on the basis of natural (collagen, hyaluronic acid or its own fat cells) or synthetic materials. The first highlighted his naturalness and safety, do not cause allergic reactions and are not rejected by the immune system, but they, like any other cells of the organism, not protected from age-related changes. The latter are not always accepted by the body and more often than natural, cause allergies, but can save the result for a long period.

Contour - the procedure is virtually painless, which is achieved by using a special anesthetic funds and microscopic needles. The result can be seen immediately after the procedure, which lasts no more than an hour and does not require a long recovery period (there are some short-term limitations). As with all cosmetic procedures, the contour of the lips has its contraindications: inflammatory processes of the skin, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, cancer. To refrain from procedures have pregnant and breastfeeding.

More detail about the operation here. The most radical and effective way of correction - plastic surgery (facelift), which will cope even with the most "imperfect" lips, if permanent makeup and contouring powerless. Most often, surgery is used in cicatricial deformities in the form of closing of the developmental corners, hanging lower lip, and various entities in the lip area (cysts, hemangioma, fibromas, papillomas), and to increase or decrease their size.

Like any other surgical procedure, lifting involves the application of anesthesia (mostly local), move, or remove tissue, suturing and the long passage, in comparison with other methods, the recovery period. The result is that the patient gets the perfect shape for the rest of your life. The main disadvantage of this method is that it does not eliminate the complications and after it leaves small scars, but they are easy to disguise with makeup. Lifting lip does not lag behind other surgical procedures and, of course, has its contraindications. Like any other surgery, it cannot be held for people with skin and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the endocrine and nervous system.

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