The excess "good cholesterol" is harmful for a human body

Any fats are very hazardous to health, if their number is excessive. In common cholesterol is divided into "useful" and "harmful". Doctors call the "good cholesterol" high density lipoprotein. Many believe just the cholesterol the body needs, so it can be consumed in large quantities. Studies show, sometimes high-density lipoproteins harm along with "bad cholesterol". About this newspaper writes DNA India.

Doctors usually examine only the performance of low-density lipoprotein. It is believed that these fats cause blockage of blood vessels cholesterol plaques. However, increasing the concentration of high density lipoproteins also can be dangerous for the human body.

To adjust the level of these two substances is quite simple. Enough to watch your diet. Limitations in fatty foods, the prevalence of dietary meat and fresh vegetables and fruit will help to ward off possible health problems.

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