The eternal pursuit of happiness – a direct path to depression, experts say

Psychologists at the University of southern California (USA) think, in recent decades people have distorted the concept of happiness. The eternal quest for the unattainable turns man into a slave of their goals. So, initially positive aspiration can cause serious mental disorders.

Mixed feelings accompany the person even in moments of absolute happiness. Often we note yourself of fear and excitement even in the most beautiful moments. The study involved volunteers aged 15-90 years. Scientists have tried to understand what are the emotions experienced by modern man. Especially scholars interested in the feeling of happiness and ways of its achievement.

It turned out that the opinion about the present happiness and the emotion that accompanies us is very popular. Scholars argue that the concept of "happiness" may not be in the nature. Moreover, certain character traits have a probability of occurrence of depression amid lack of "real happiness".

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