The Estonian Parliament adopted the law on chemical castration of sex offenders

The Estonian Parliament adopted the law on chemical castration of sex offenders, which will help protect children from pedophiles, according to the press service of the Parliament of the Republic.

"The law creates the preconditions for the application of complex treatment of the perpetrators of the crime of sexual violence and, primarily, to protect children from pedophiles," - said the press service, "Interfax".

During consideration of the bill the Minister of justice Kristen Michal (Kristen Michal) said: "research shows that such criminals often have medical problems that cause the Commission of such crimes". "This means that after the sentence there is a high probability that they will commit new crimes," podchernul Minister.

In his words, "the treatment will be applied as a pre-condition for early release or as part of a treatment that replaces the deprivation of liberty".

When committing such crimes a person can be punished by imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years. In its consent can be assigned a treatment period of 18 months to 3 years.

"The treatment of such offenders will be similar to the treatment of drug addicts, which requires the consent of the convict, the minimum treatment period will be 18 months, since a shorter period will not give the desired result. If the convict will stop the treatment, he will have to serve his sentence in prison," said Michal.

The treatment will assign a court when deciding take into account the circumstances of the crime, biography convict, living conditions and the consequences that may entail the use of treatment.

Note that the State Duma and the Federation Council approved in this year's presidential law on chemical castration of pedophiles, as well as on the restriction of conditional sentences for these crimes.

And in different regions of Russia adopted the draft law on prohibition of propaganda of pedophilia and homosexuality among minors. At the end of March this law entered into force in St. Petersburg, followed by a similar document was submitted to the state Duma, and later was discussed in the Moscow city Duma.

Moscow deputies went even further and proposed to ban the promotion among children not only non-traditional sexual relations, but in General the promotion of any sex.

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