The essence of the Kremlin diet and sample menu

If you keep this diet for 7-8 days, you can lose 5-6 kg, and for a month to lose 8 to 15. The more weight your body, the faster this mass can be reset.

Slimming Kremlin diet is one of the most effective and popular. For a long time the secret of this diet were not disclosed, walked only rumors about her miraculous results.

The essence of the diet is that it is forbidden to eat foods containing carbohydrate. Thus, in the intake of carbohydrates in the body ends and the body begins to consume its energy reserves in the body fat. Because of this, eating meat, the process of losing weight does not stop.

It is very important in the diet to avoid potato dishes, pasta and of course sweets. The first 2 weeks, you will refrain from vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. The main rule is not to eat sugar. One piece of sugar - daily rate of your diet.

You can eat meat, fish, cheese, eggs, chicken in any form as well as the rest of the food, where are the "low cost" product. In the tables , "value" indicated by different ball=OCCO=1U.E.=1 gram of carbohydrates per 100g of product.

From sausages should be avoided not only in this diet, but in General. Because if you read these articles, practically anything edible there not there.

If you eat on points, then you can eat all you want, but always food is necessary to comply with the measure. For efficiency, the Kremlin diet, correctly assess points, but so, and watch the calories. And start your exercise, and your body will become toned and muscular.

Example menu for deltatrak. Cheese, 100g-bhesania of 4 eggs-BCI/coffee without sugar-b

Lunch.mashed potatoes 100g - bukarica tarnag-Beldersay soup 250 g-BCI without sugar-b

The afternoon tea.Walnuts-4B

Dinner.Boiled fish 200-bominor-yogurt 200g-pitogo: 38 points

About this menu for the day, it is possible to shed unnecessary pounds. But remember, to lose weight should not exceed 30 billow to keep the weight enough 40-60 points. But the Kremlin diet there are contraindications for those who suffer from heart disease, blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract. It is also not recommended for people with kidney disease and is extremely prohibited to pregnant women. But, even if you are sure that a completely healthy person, you should not risk your health, consult with a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help in choosing the diet that is right for your body.

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