The era of antibiotics is coming to an end

The head physician of England Sally Davis stated that modern bacteria are immune to most drugs, and this fact is already starting to become a real threat to humanity.

According to Dr. Davis, after a while even the most simple surgery will start to threaten the health of patients, because the antibiotics continue day by day to lose its strength and cannot withstand the pressure of the bacteria that have acquired resistance to their effects.

Doctors are sounding the alarm that the resistance to the most common today to antibiotics is becoming a serious threat, the era of these drugs is coming to an end, as new antibiotics are no more, and the old ones are useless.

At the request of the physician, global warming is not the worst thing that can happen to the population of the planet. Much worse will be in twenty years, when, for example, surgery on the hip joint will cause the patient's death because doctors simply will not be effective drugs, RBC reports.

For example, at the moment, medicine has only one antibiotic that destroys gonorrhea and treats gonorrhea. The reason that led to the current situation is widespread and inefficient use of antibiotics. The man himself is to blame for the fact that infections become resistant nature, as the standard antibiotics they are used very often. Who was also concerned about the situation, and fully supports the opinion of Dr. Davis. In their view, the collapse of the era of antibiotics can stop only a serious event.

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