The epidemic of otitis in children is associated with parents

A group of scientists in the UK, a study was conducted on the relationship between passive tobacco Smoking and risk of otitis media in children. We evaluated the inuence of passive Smoking in the history of the results of the occurrence of otitis.

The study showed that the increase in cases of inflammation of the middle ear, especially otitis whose treatment is surgical intervention associated with Smoking by the mother. It was shown that in the year 130200 episodes in the UK and 292950 cases in children in the United States directly to knit with passive Smoking at home.

The data obtained in the study of English scientists, reaffirm the need for a hard campaign against tobacco addiction.

We remind you that the world Health Organization has signed the Convention, aimed at the fight against tobacco addiction with many countries of the world. This Convention provides limited access to tobacco products, raising prices and strong social advertising.

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