The end of aging: a new drug will retain youth

In Florida consisted of the 19th international Congress on rejuvenation and aesthetic medicine, in which doctors discussed the future of the methods in the fight against aging. The Congress has become significant because probably heralded a new era in the fight against old age.

The conference offered some innovative methods of struggle for the youth, including a promising method for activation of a telomere.

Each human cell contains chromosomes that make up our DNA, at the end of each chromosome are 92 telomeres responsible for the quality of the functioning of DNA. Every time after division and multiplication of cells, the telomeres become shorter. When they become too short, the cell dies, and thus deteriorates the work of the bodies, which included the cell. This is called the aging process. The speed of this process of dying depends on lifestyle, genetics. Additionally, people with short telomeres three times more likely to suffer from heart disease.

Scientists have proposed the preparation of TA-65, which activates the enzyme telomeres and protects them from shortening. TA-65 is introduced into the organism as a food additive and is made from a compound that is contained in the root of the Astragalus is often used in Chinese medicine herbs.

Tests last year showed that TA-65 elongates critically short telomeres, restores the immune system and increases bone density.

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