The emergence of a new group of antidepressants is not far off

The work of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh will help in creating more effective antidepressants. Modern tools, though, but not for everyone. This fact is pushing pharmacists to create new remedies for the treatment of depression. Before scientists closer to understanding the mechanisms of development of disease.

Scientists have found that often depression is associated with metabolic disorders in the human body. Accordingly, correction of metabolism to help cope with mental illness.

In the example of the fate of a teenager with severe depression. Within a year the doctors could not help the child through traditional means. Deep examination revealed the boy's lack of bioprotein in the cerebrospinal fluid. This protein is involved in the direct formation of neurotransmitters, signal transmission from one nerve cell to another.

This story is important for scientists to study. In a group of 33 young people with depression disruption of neurotransmitters was diagnosed in 64%. It is possible that the knowledge of a new factor in the development of the disease will help in the creation of effective pharmaceuticals. The preliminary results show that the individual drugs enables you to cure the depression in any form.

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