The elixir of youth from NASA: part no secret

American scientists from NASA have created a drink for astronauts to protect them from harmful solar radiation, but further studies beverage showed that the drink can protect from aging!

Special fruit juice AS-10 was intended to protect the skin astronauts and prevent Oncology at them from the sun, but it turned out that at least he successfully removes freckles and reduces wrinkles.

Scientists conducted an experiment: photographed 180 people, and after that they drank AS-10 four months, then again photographed. Comparing images showed that the number of wrinkles decreased by 17 percent, and those participants lost a third of freckles.

It is known that the drink contains fruit Brazilian tree cupuacu similar to cocoa, fruits cabbage acai palm tree, Barbados cherry, acerola berries of the prickly pear cactus and the fruits of the Chinese strawberry tree, yumberry, in addition there are tea, grape juice and pomegranate. Such an amazing composition helps the body to cope not only with the consequences of exposure, but also to regenerate itself.

The lifeblood of the drink is probably the fact that its components contains a lot of antioxidants that neutralize cause skin aging free radicals.

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