The Elevator button more dangerous toilet

Researchers often conduct the test items that we use in everyday life, the number of living bacteria on them. As it turned out, such a small thing as the Elevator call button, much more dangerous than the toilet seat. Namely 40 times!

University of Arizona, made the order of the company Microban Europe to conduct research of the buttons of the Elevator in public places - hotels, offices, banks, restaurants and airports. Research yielded shocking results: on every square inch of lift buttons have 313 colonies of different bacteria. For comparison, square centimeter toilet seat in a public restroom inhabits only 8 colonies of microbes.

As it turned out, the toilet is one of the safest places. Conventional office space bears a great deal of of microbial threat. On an average desktop bacteria 400 times more than the chair of the toilet. And on the keyboard of the desktop computer more than four times. Yet it is not a cause for panic. Germs are everywhere, and the best way to protect yourself from them is to maintain cleanliness and do not forget about personal hygiene.

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