The electronic cigarette has been defenders

Electronic cigarette - the stumbling block of most experts in the field of health. Someone thinks working good for smokers, the way to quit the habit. Some scientists say e-cigarettes are dangerous to the health of not less than a regular cigarette tobacco.

Within the latest study, researchers found that every tenth user electronic cigarette quit during the year. If not attached to the time, to say goodbye to the habit is every third person.

Note, the survey found no great danger in the use of a mixture of glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. At least, electronic cigarettes should be less harmful than usual.

So why is this device trying to prevent the use in public places? Some governments are concerned about the younger generation. If children will see that conventional cigarettes to smoke in cafes and at bus stops cannot, and e can, it will form a false image of security of nicotine and loyal relationship of the law to such smokers.

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Note, nicotine dependence belongs to the category of psychological. Approaches to get rid of bad habits a lot: someone uses a nicotine substitutes, someone able to quit Smoking in one day. For those who can't deal with nicotine addiction, there are clinics and medical assistance.

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