The effectiveness of the medication depends on the time of day - scholars

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania established the effectiveness of certain medications is strongly dependent on the time of day. This phenomenon scientists explained from the point of view of the peculiarities of human genes.

The information that aspirin and statin better apply morning and evening, has been known to scientists for a long time, but scientific study it was not. After some research and testing thousands of drugs, scientists have found the perfect scheme for the reception of the most popular drugs.

The main factor affecting the relationship between the drug and the time of day, the activity of certain genes. Preparations for the maintenance of the liver and kidneys it is better to apply after 18 hours. Drugs associated with changes of the respiratory system reaches the peak of its activity by noon. "Heart drugs work the beam only in the morning.

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In some cases, the recommendations of scientists to observe possible and necessary, however, a number of drugs should be applied 2-3 times a day, then the traditional scheme must not touch. In any case, patients should follow the doctor's instructions and not to self-medicate and independent diagnostico diseases.

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