The effectiveness of natural products proven specialists

To increase sexual desire, it is possible thanks to the gifts of nature. The restaurant owner Sadhana Kitchen, MAZ Puhoi, recommends eating only certain foods, without additional processing.

Almonds are rich in various vitamins, it contains the maximum amount of magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12. It promotes the formation of testosterone and causes arousal in female. Avocado is useful when the lack of folic acid. This fruit is rich in potassium and vitamin B6, which affect hormonal balance. Another source of the vitamin is the banana, it contains a lot of potassium and vitamin C.

If you feel unwell should eat Basil, it stimulates the initiation of reproductive organs and improves blood flow around the body. Many men may be surprised when they learn that the root of a Peruvian plant poppy - natural Viagra. This plant is able to increase the number of sperm and rich in minerals.

If a man will eat the celery, then his body will be producing pheromones and improve mood. But pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and play a major role in maintaining sexual health. Another vitamin is asparagus, which is rich in vitamin E and essential for healthy sleep.

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