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Of course, we all want to preserve for years to vitality, health and a slim silhouette. However, not all methods of struggle for the beauty of the body can be called safe. On the human body diets, liposuction and pills for weight loss are not the best way, what can be said about the use of phyto.

Such a small sauna is a natural and effective alternative to all this is unhealthy and dangerous procedures. Barrel combines sauna effect with the use of essential oils of cedar, which are widely used in folk medicine. Volatile allow you to stop the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms. The effect of the application of phyto markedly enhanced in combination with a decoction of herbs.

This innovative design allows you to boost metabolism without causing damage to the vessels of the head. Unfortunately, in conventional steam rooms such sparing effects to achieve will not work.

So nothing prevents the enjoyment of the procedure, before diving into the barrel must take off all jewelry, take a warm shower. The design includes a convenient bench with armrests for adoption procedures in the sitting position. Head during a session is out of the barrel. From exposure to steam it protects towel or sheet, which are located along the neck. While the cerebral vessels are fully protected from the negative effects of high temperatures. This is especially important for those who suffer from hypertension and neurological diseases.

Thermoblock great for people who can not tolerate the steam room. A 15-minute session is displayed to half a liter of liquid. People lose up to 600 grams of weight. After the procedure it is advisable to take a massage.

Sauna-barrel allows not only to maintain the natural beauty, but also improves health. Regular attendance of sessions will allow to get rid of excess weight. Initially, the slimming effect is achieved by getting rid of excess fluid, but regular adoption procedures will allow you to activate the metabolism and burn excess fat.

Cedar barrel helps to improve skin color and her General condition, makes it soft and smooth cellulite. The effect is delicately and softly thanks to the launch of the natural mechanisms of weight loss. Lost in this way the weight is unlikely to return in the near future.

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The barrel is very popular with the representatives of the stronger sex. After a hard day's work session will bring calm and relaxation. Using a sauna is permitted from the age of three, so the device can be used by all family members.

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