The education of children up to six years

There is a small difference between the education of girls and boys, as it is believed that girls are obedient and have since childhood laid and maternal instinct mistress. But do not forget that young children are always full of fears, regardless of their gender. They are afraid that their parents do not love them, or leave forever alone, if you feel disharmony in the family. These fears can escalate into complexes, so you should often talk to their children about love and caring. This can be the key to their future happiness and prosperity. The education of children up to 6 years should include several important aspects, which we now consider.

So that children did not develop an inferiority complex, girls need to talk about their beauty, boys on the charm and masculinity. If mothers find girls in the mirror, then forget about irony, and to acquire for the daughters cosmetics for children, including baby body cream and foam baths. To achieve a good gait and slender in dance class or sports section. To expand the intellect and the mind - in drama school or music school. Children tend to be creative and sports. So the boys also tend to look in the mirror to see the result after sports or dance, rehearse your future go on stage with a song or a poem.

So the children were always clean and tidy, they should be accustomed to personal hygiene. In addition, you must explain to the child why her keep. From the very young age teach children the cleanliness and the cleaning in your personal room. That the child knew that you must be careful not to dirty on purpose or unconsciously clothing, you need to teach them to wash. Because in a small age the child already knows that after playing in the puddle of clothes will be dirty and they are "consequences". When the children become independent, they will perfectly understand that laid skills will always be useful later in life.

It is necessary to teach children to care for parents and others, boys - to protect the girls. Laying good traits, parents nullify the aggressiveness of their children. It is important to teach them to enjoy the success of others, not to feel envy, so can ruin the character and life of a child in the future. You also need to prevent excessive bragging and "stardom" with too great successes of the child. In this case, are taught to be modest. Thwarting attempts to laugh at the weak and sick, you can lay in the child's compassion and kindness, to eliminate cruelty.

Both boys and girls need to lay sex education, to explain the difference between them, the manner of conduct and rules of ethics in everyday life that will help you confidently communicate with their peers.

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