The dysbacteriosis - causes, symptoms, treatment

Dysbacteriosis of the intestine called the breach of the intestinal microflora. Upon the occurrence of a dysbacteriosis the broken relationship of pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms.

The dysbacteriosis is clinically and laboratory syndrome caused by changes in the composition of the microflora in the gut, causing gastrointestinal upset.

The reasons for the formation of a dysbacteriosis quite a lot. It may be prolonged treatment with antibiotics, the emergence of various immunodeficiencies (cancer, AIDS, radiation, chemotherapy, systemic diseases). Also dysbacteriosis becomes the cause of education of adverse conditions in the intestine, in which the normal microflora dies.

Treatment of dysbiosis in the first place should be based on eliminating the causes of its formation. Only the complete elimination of the causes will help to get rid of such disease.

As for symptoms, the specific symptoms relating to exactly determine the dysbacteriosis is not there, they can just say in General terms is belching, nausea (often accompanied by vomiting, bloating, frequent constipation, bad breath, cramps in the abdomen, allergic to the usual products, subfebrile temperature - all these symptoms can be attributed to any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, including dysbiosis.

Disbacterios primarily detrimental effect on digestion, as it is primarily food enters the intestine, which is cleaved by bacteria, and then absorption occurs in the blood. Without the help of necessary micro-organisms and bacteria, many nutrients are simply not absorbed, resulting in bloating, nausea, vomiting, liquid stool.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis depends on the cause of the disease causing bacteria overgrowth, as well as from existing symptoms.

Important role in the treatment of dysbiosis plays a correction of diet and lifestyle. Prohibited heavy physical work, protection from emotional overload, stress, diet, protecting the stomach from mechanical, chemical and thermal effects of food on it. Food should be taken strictly on schedule, at the same time, small portions, avoiding overeating.

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