The duration of sleep regulates genetic factor

An international team of researchers from Europe revealed that the gene ABCC9, known as impact on heart disease and the occurrence of diabetes also affects the duration of sleep in humans.

According to legend, Napoleon never slept more than 4 hours. Surprisingly, while many people need a 10 hour sleep. It is obvious that the human need for sleep vary greatly. In addition to the factors of gender, seasonal changes, personal habits ( owl man or lark), on the duration of sleep affects a specific gene.

Professor To Rosenberg discovered during the extensive study of the genetic dependencies genes that were directly related to the duration of sleep.

In the study participated 4000 European families from Estonia and Italy. They filled out questionnaires about their habits, and doctors have analyzed their genetic data. It turned out that people with a single variant of the gene ABCC9 needed less sleep than people with two copies, and more. Genes ABCC9 call SUR2 protein, which in turn regulates energy metabolism in the cell.

The gene ABCC9 got us from the most ancient ancestors, after all, a similar gene has been found in flies Drosophila, which was traced to the same dependence of sleep from genetics. Scientists have tried to block the function of the gene ABCC9, and a night sleeping in the experimental flies were substantially reduced.

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