The drug from baldness Propecia causes impotence and cancer

The drug Propecia, is positioned in the market as the first effective drug for baldness, has a serious and irreversible side effects. Negative effects of Propecia linked to prostate cancer and impaired potency.

The manufacturer of the drug has warned about possible side effects, and assumes all legal aspects before men, which, after the drug were diagnosed with breast cancer or prostate cancer.

According to the results of the first study by the FDA in June 2011 issued a warning, in which Propecia was added to the list of drugs, which increases the risk of cancer.

The second study showed that the intake of Propecia is associated with irreversible sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction, the manufacturer has made this side effect in the statement but said that these problems are temporary. The study, conducted in 2003, showed that only 59 percent of men will be able to ensure that they reduced potency - this is a temporary phenomenon. 15 percent of men after treatment of alopecia Propecia will experience loss of libido, pain in the testicles and erectile dysfunction.

Propecia is available in pharmacies Russia and Ukraine, its approximate cost 3,500 rubles, before you buy, you have to wonder if such money acquiring additional hair and the acquisition of some problems in the form of cancer and impotence.

Source: - amerikanski the resources of claims by pharmaceutical companies

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