The donut is the main one figure

Nutrition scientists from tel Aviv University found that those who eat Breakfast sweet, do not experience major problems with diet. A sweet Breakfast lets in all day to eat less, and thus unconsciously lose weight.

For the experiment in proof theory were invited 200 volunteers with overweight. All subjects were divided into two group, but was forced to follow a similar diet 1600 calories per day. The first group could eat a donut for Breakfast, the second group notmust was there in the morning, sweet.

It was found that those who ate Breakfast sweet (in the whole energy value Breakfast was equal to 600 calories), it is much easier adhered to the diet during the day. People treated for Breakfast 300 calories more often felt the urge to eat. For the four months of strict diet all the participants of the groups lost about 15 pounds, but after the diet, the weight came back to the first group only partially, whereas those in the second scored on average 10 pounds each.

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Provides that if there in the morning donuts, the hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced in the body by 45 percent, while after the usual Breakfast - a total of 30. In addition, satiety extends in the center of proteins and carbohydrates.

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