The document on the restriction of the advertising producers of dietary supplements considered discrimination

Deputy Anton Belyakova not so long ago, was submitted for consideration by the state Duma a bill on the hard constraint in the media advertising of dietary supplements. From the quintessence of the document follows the following: advertising dietary supplements are allowed to distribute only in special pharmaceutical and medical publications, as well as in events held by physicians and pharmacists. They are advertising materials "should not mislead potential customers and to give them the impression that the Supplements have healing properties of nature."

"Manufacturers of dietary supplements in turn, on the initiative reacted sharply criticized her", - informs the Agency AMI-TASS. According to the Director of the representative office of company "Evalar" that is located in the city of Moscow Natalia Prokopieva, this document can cause not only a decrease in sales of dietary supplements at the official level, but also the rise of the fraudsters ' activities, as well as increasing entrepreneurship in the sphere of shadow market.

According to members of the "manufacturers of dietary supplements" (NPP BAA) is a non - Profit partnership market dietary supplements cannot be developed, it cannot be otherwise due to the restrictions in the law "On advertising".

In particular, the experts are confused by the notion that prescribed in the law "to create an impression about the therapeutic properties against dietary supplements. It does not have a legal definition of the evaluation characteristic. Hence, the regulatory authorities have the ability to interpret the text of the document in an arbitrary interpretation.

The supplements in the economy make up a significant part. According to the statistical data of DSM Group, at the beginning of March 2012, volume dietary supplements in the domestic market is equal to 2 billion rubles. FAS (Federal Antimonopoly service) States: "manufacturers and suppliers of dietary supplements violations of the legislation on advertising accounts for less than one percent".

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