The doctors: women are allowed to eat during labor

Note, for a long time this is not recommended. The meal, according to the results of some studies, markedly increases the risk of stroke complications of childbirth. More doctors fear that the pregnant woman will choke. Now experts insist that women should be able to get a portion of food, because childbirth requires huge amounts of energy. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists from Memorial University of Newfoundland, confident, aspiration of food during childbirth occurs. They analyzed the studies over 385 genera, only one case in the history of medicine in the UK for a bit of food caught in the airway of a pregnant woman and caused pneumonia.

The birth of a child can be compared to marathon race. Energy is vital for the successful completion of delivery. However, the physicians are advised to consume light foods: low-fat soups, fresh fruit and sandwiches. Intense sweating and rubbed his upcoming blood you can pre-fill water without gas or juice.

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