The doctors: tattoo dangerous to health

Over the last decade the fashion for tattoos has taken over the world. Drawings on a body ceases to be something unusual. Doctors do not share the enthusiasm of lovers of tattoo and another tattoo can cause serious health problems. This writes Live Science.

Frequent infectious complications after tattooing. The infection can get not only through the air and dirty equipment, sometimes it is contained in the paint. Registered cases where physicians were found in the paint mycobacteria causing serious skin lesions.

Tattoos can cause allergic reactions. It is not necessary that after the first successful picture all the others will survive as well. Physicians describe cases where after application the tattoo had to do injections of steroid hormones, but the man himself has long been in a critical condition.

In addition to everything described, the tattoos hide the real picture of the skin. Under the paint you may not notice some changes, for example, early stages of skin cancer. Even people with tattoos can cause burns during MRI examination because of the content of iron in the paint.

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