The doctors suggested that vaccinating schoolchildren against HIV

Director of the scientific-research Institute named after I. I. Mechnikov Vitaly Zverev believes that vaccinating schoolchildren against HIV will help to reduce the number of patients with this disease.

HIV is a disease of the immune system associated with damage to the lymphocytes. People die not from the virus itself, but from the affiliate infection is fungal or bacterial. To date, scientists have three different samples of a vaccine against HIV. Each product is clinically tested and ready to use.

Mass vaccination of schoolchildren will put a serious barrier to the spread of the virus and will help in the short term to reduce the number of HIV-infected several times. So you can get the virus under control.

Registered in the world more than 45 million people living with HIV. Only one third of receiving treatment from the disease. In Russia the situation with HIV is not the best way. Of 665 thousand adequate treatment only get 100 thousand people.

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