The doctors stopped counting HIV deadly disease

According to data from the report on the international program of fight against HIV/AIDS, the disease passed into a chronic category. Medications against human immunodeficiency virus can extend life for decades. To date, patients receiving treatment from HIV are living long enough to remove them from the group of terminally ill people.

The number of deaths associated with HIV over the past two decades has significantly decreased. The possibility of diagnostic medicine and modern medicines help to maintain the health of sick people at a decent level. Some doctors believe that HIV by risk level for the patient is gradually approaching diabetes of the first type and a number of other chronic diseases.

However, the development of medicine only prolongs the life of HIV-infected people. The number of people with HIV infection remain critically high. According to data for 2013, the world registered more than 36 million people living with HIV. According to others, such people much more, if we consider patients who are unaware of their diagnosis.

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