The doctors state swine and avian flu continue to kill patients

Case of death in South-West China was recorded by epidemiologists. Death was due to the bird flu epidemic, writes The Telegraph Agency. the 39-year-old resident of Guizhou province became a victim of the virus, and the patient's condition upon admission to a medical institution deteriorated. Thanks to our tests revealed the presence of H5N1 virus. It is also known that patients were in contact 71 people, but they have the symptoms of the disease are absent.

Recall: 31 December last year, a victim of bird flu was the bus driver from Shenzhen. Doctors state that: "People usually become infected with a virus due to direct contact with infected birds. But the patient from Guizhou, as it turned out, direct contact with poultry before the onset of the symptoms had not. The same applies to the second to the deceased".

Vietnam in turn also tells about the first time over the last two years of fatality from the virus, just as it happened in Cambodia, where the victim of the flu was a child. This year in Indonesia had been recorded two cases of fatal outcome. The Asian region in terms of spread of avian influenza is considered to be unstable, because here the dominant factor is too large concentration of birds in private farms.

By the way, in addition to avian influenza occurred activation and pork. In the Athens Children's hospital from the virus died seven-month-old child, the source informs Xinhua. In the course of investigation it was established that the infection occurred in Libya, local doctors, the child was diagnosed with the flu conventional type.

In Greece this season Ukrainka doctors was recorded case of influenza. Initially the patient was treated for pneumonia. Last year in Greece, the number of deaths that were caused by the H1N1 virus, more than 100 people.

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