The doctors: regular hiccups may be a symptom of cancer

The Daily Mail describes a clinical case of a man with constant hiccups. Despite the prescribed medications, the hiccups persisted. The cause of this condition was a tumor in the neck, hemangioblastoma.

The tumor was creating pressure on the spinal cord. As a result he developed paralysis. "Usually hiccups are not serious. However, if hiccups does not pass within 48 hours, should sound the alarm. For example, in the case of 35-year-old patient re-examinations in connection with the hiccups saved from paralysis," says Dr. mark Golden, the attending physician of the patient.

He notes that along with the hiccups, the patient had neurologic abnormalities, which in the beginning no one paid any attention (numbness and tingling in his left hand, General weakness, impaired balance, trouble swallowing). An examination with the MRI machine revealed in the neck tumor, sihumol nerve bundles. The operation helped the patient to get rid of hiccups, on the next day after surgery he felt healthy.

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