The doctors questioned the safety of use of raw products for podkarmlivaya young children

Often the parents don't mind their children to eat solid foods, not specially cut or skipped before it through a meat grinder. Children, in fact, is to choose when and what to eat. According to the staff of the University of Otago, this is a dangerous practice.

Sonja Cameron surveyed the group of 20 mothers who adhered to the described approach with six months of age. In addition, respondents were pediatricians. It turned out the mother was not in doubt about the acceptability of this method of feeding the baby, because he considered it most appropriate for a smoother transition to solid food.

But the doctors were not sure of the safety of this approach (the doctors feared the risk of suffocation and lack of nutritional products, especially bothered possible strangulation with a piece of Apple). Although they do not deny that such a method of feeding is to develop a healthy diet.

In the Department of human nutrition and medicine at the University of Otago planned continuation of research in this area. Currently being set is a group of 300 mothers with children. The obtained results will allow to answer the question definitively, because very few pediatricians have a wide knowledge on this diet.

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