The doctors predict the arrival of influenza in Russia in two weeks

By the beginning of September in the country should increase the incidence of flu and other colds. It is reported Rospotrebnadzor, referring to the analysis information.

"We expect the epidemic in the second half of January, I would say, epidemiological rise. But we expect moderate intensity disease" - says Anna Popova, the head of Department.

This winter has been closed for more than three thousand schools because of the flu quarantine. Documented cases of swine flu with fatal outcomes. How will the next epidemic season of illness, it is difficult to predict.

Any disease is easier to prevent. If you are unsure of your own immune system, and work requires frequent contact with people, easier to play it safe and go through annual vaccination against influenza. In a number of institutions vaccines do for free, in other cases you will have to pay for a shot of his own pocket. We should not forget about natural methods of lifting immunity: hardening, rational routine, proper and healthy diet.

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