The doctors opened the pelvic bone of a 3-D printer

Three-dimensional printers are gaining popularity. Their use is now limited to home entertainment. Using new technologies, a British surgeon Craig Gerrand from the Hospital Newcastle-upon-Tyne replaced the affected bone with a special implant. The patient was suffering from cancer of the bone and pelvic bone has lost its strength, writes The Independent.

Transplantation has enabled the 60-year-old patient to walk. The accuracy of the scan is completely possible to restore the limb. Before installing the doctors had removed the affected areas. Soon they were replaced by the implant.

In based on titanium powder, a fixed laser. New bone consists of three layers. The doctors are sure that the bone will quickly grow together with material that will provide a strong construction. In the future, the homogenization of the tissue and will not be distinguished, where the prosthesis, where the living bone. The severity of the damage, says Gerrard forced to such extraordinary measures. Prosthesis, printed, was the only chance to preserve life and the basic function of the limb.

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