This can lead to serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Minor symptoms can mask the inflammation of joints followed by destruction. Osteoarthritis most often appears in the joints of feet, hands, lumbar and cervical spine. The most common symptoms of osteoarthritis – crunching exercise and local pain.

"Osteoarthritis occurs due to the fact that the disturbed balance between the processes of formation of new construction material for the restoration of cartilage and its destruction. Initially cartilage is a tough and resilient structure, but as a result of the disease it becomes dry, thin and rough. Growing bone subsequently constrains movement and leads to deformity of the joint. The pain occurs because the joint capsule fills with inflammatory fluid. Unfortunately, medicine still cannot provide a concrete answer, why develop diseases of the joints. However, osteoarthritis often starts to bother you after an injury or as a result of dysplasia - congenital disorders of the formation of its tissues. Also reason may be problem of metabolism, endocrine diseases or inflammatory processes. Some other factors include heredity, excess weight, old age, hypothermia, surgery on the joints - and to some extent also affect the progression of the disease" - says Irina Ivanova, candidate of medical science, employee of the clinic of prosthetic joints in Tampere (Finland).

Conventional medical tactics in osteoarthritis is to reduce the load on the joints and the normalization of metabolic processes in the body. Useful physiotherapy, some resorts. For the prevention of osteoarthritis doctors suggest that you lead an active lifestyle, walk more and eat healthy. One of the most formidable predisposing factors – extra weight, which creates additional stress on the joints. Treatment of osteoarthritis is a complex process, requiring the efforts not only of physicians, but pacienta.

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