The doctors have forbidden to drink water while eating

Water is a colorless liquid, which is the basis of all living things. The man has no chance without long to live. To make you feel great, you need a day to drink several liters of water. We are not talking about coffee, compote and other drinks. The water should be clean. Most people are concerned with the question: is it possible to drink water food? Scientists are thoroughly studying the issue. Recently came to the following conclusions.

The doctors determined if a person will wash down food with water, it is blood sugar will rise. It was established in the special experiment. One half of the volunteers washed down the cookies with water and the other half not. This information was shared by The Daily Mail. During this study followed the sugar level before and after taking the products.

The participants of the experiment who washed down the cookies with water, had elevated levels of blood sugar. It turned out, the reason lies in the fact that the water helped sugar to be absorbed. Thus, it is recommended to drink before eating or after. In the process, that is not recommended.

By the way, these insights will be relevant not only for high-calorie and sugary foods. They apply to all products. If a person will drink water half an hour before a meal, the sugar level will be minimal. This is all confirmed by a special experiment that was recently conducted by physicians. Therefore it is better to abandon the water in the process of eating.

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