The doctors found out how yoga affects the joints of

Yoga practice able for 2 months to relieve pain in the joints and to relieve inflammation. Relevant information was published by the Daily Mail, citing the results of recent medical research.

According to conclusions of doctors, the greatest effectiveness for joint health have the poses "dog head down", "crab" and "Lotus". In addition, yoga can increase the level of psychological stability and helps to avoid depression, which often accompanies patients with arthritic diseases.

This information has been obtained as a result of the experiment, which was attended by 72 people. The patients were divided into two sections: the first performed in yoga exercises, and took regular medicines, while the other was a drug for arthritis.

As a control, the efficiency of the methods doctors took blood for measurement of inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, the degree of painful lesions was assessed by analyzing symptoms of disease – swelling and sensitivity of the joints of the patient.

It turned out that the first group who practiced yoga had lower blood concentrations of inflammatory markers, and showed less symptoms of depression than participants in the second group. In addition, the yoga classes were cut short by soreness in the joints, which has a positive impact on the psychological health of patients of the first group.

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