The doctors: bacterial inflammation of the intestine is one of the causes of female infertility

Asymptomatic disease may be the cause of the inability to conceive a child. Bacterial inflammation of the vagina often prevent the passage of sperm. Moreover, the risk of miscarriage when vaginosis is increased six-fold, and the risk of premature child birth – twice. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

In a recent study, doctors from Aarhus University have determined: vaginosis affects the chance of successfully conceiving a child through IVF. Therefore, before the artificial insemination the woman should undergo a comprehensive examination to exclude pathology of any kind. Even the violation of the vaginal flora can seriously affect the result of IVF.

According to statistics, vaginosis occurs every fifth woman with infertility. In the latter study, the numbers were even greater and reached 28%. After IVF to get pregnant managed 35% of women with normal flora and only 9% of women with abnormal flora.

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