The doctors: anti-malarial drug is guilty of the shooting of Afghan civilians by an American soldier

Experts to this time are puzzled, what prompted the soldiers of the American army Robert Balsa coolly shot 16 Afghan civilians. But representatives of the U.S. army have some assumptions. The focus of army medics were anti-malarial drug that can cause side effects in the form of mental disorders, writes New Scientist.

It is known that 20.03.2012 g military experts were filed petition to accelerate the investigation of the drug mefloquine. This medicine is known by the name Lariam. It was originally developed for vector control malaria have had time to develop immunity to chloroquine is the drug of last generation.

Conducted testing of mefloquine have been identified the following difficulties: for example, one-third of the subjects on the part of the psyche we felt the disturbing symptoms. Sometimes they were depression, confusion, acute psychosis, panic attacks, hallucinations, emotional instability, agitation and aggression.

The U.S. army in 2009 encouraged to use an alternative method of therapy. And in the case of symptoms of depression and anxiety soldiers were ordered to refuse to accept the ill-fated drugs. In the risk group also included soldiers who had recently experienced a brain injury, as Bails. But hitherto not known exactly did soldier USA Bails mefloquine.

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