The doctors allowed to use the accelerator in the brain of healthy people

In the US modafinil is very popular among the young people receiving higher education. About 20% of all students at least once resorted to the "booster for the brain". Modafinil enhances concentration and speeds up the learning process. Doctors consider short course of the drug does not harm healthy body and is not addictive.

Modafinil, according to the research, makes the learning process more enjoyable and interesting. Interestingly, the negative side of the drug is almost there. In some cases, have had nausea, anxiety and headaches, but the percentage of such people in the study are minimal. Significantly more side effects of ritalin, another popular student stimulator.

In Russia to buy both drug can only available with a prescription and the prescribing physician specialists. In USA to get the drug much easier, however the issue of safety of funds remains open.

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