The doctor explained in detail what tangible benefit of a contrast shower

About the benefits of tempering is known for a very long time - a tradition to pour cold water or dive into the hole firmly in the Russian national tradition. This method of maintaining health is under a fairly strong scientific and medical rationale, which told the therapist of the Russian Federal research and clinical centre of FMBA Julia Kochanova.

Specialist indicates that during the procedures associated with the cold water, the body is a kind of "reboot", the result of which is the awakening and release of endorphins.

As noted Kochanova, as a result of such manipulation significantly increases stamina, increases the level of labor productivity, strengthens the immune system. In addition, the expert emphasizes that the benefits of hardening can be observed only under the condition of regularity of procedure.

Also, the therapist gave some advice to those who want to strengthen your health with hardening. The physician recommends that you gradually reduce the water temperature, not to hurt the body sudden changes, noting that hypothermia can be extremely dangerous. The doctor believes that the best solution for beginners will be a cold shower, after which you must do intense rubbing with dry towels.

Julia Kochanova indicates the need for prior consultation with the doctor who will be able to assess the capabilities of your body relative to the hardening. Thus, the number of contraindications according to the expert, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, colds, flu and SARS.

However, as noted by the therapist, if the man got down to business, it is important not to disturb the consistency of the measures of hardening.

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