The discovery of American scientists displays nonrecursive to a new level

The nanotechnology future, say scientists from different countries. On the basis of special materials it is possible to develop new production techniques in industry, medicine. Doctors hope that a new generation of drugs will be delivered microscopic robots to the lesion, where there will be an impact. This will reduce the dosage and will greatly enhance the effectiveness of therapy.

New development of American scientists from the Massachusetts technical Institute is working on microscopic capsules with the drug inside. Capsules are charged and able to get to your organs and tissues. The main feature is the ability to pass through the barrier system of the body, reaching the goal in the shortest way, reports The Irish Examiner.

Currently under development and testing of drugs in laboratory animals. The introduction of just one capsule with insulin in the bloodstream of a mouse can significantly reduce the blood sugar level. It is worth noting that the capsule can be detected only in a special microscope, and the insulin dose is extremely small.

However, this form of insulin is inactive, so patients with diabetes have a daily to do several injections or install an insulin pump.

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Scientists expect that research in this area will help to treat diseases of all organs and systems. Fast delivery of medicinal substance, no effect of physiological barriers is the basis of nonrecursive new generation. The first samples were only suitable for introduction into the circulatory system. Current nanorobots will be able to penetrate into the bloodstream via the gastrointestinal tract, bypassing the cellular and mucosal barrier. This technology is just borrowing from nature. The mother's antibodies are passed the same mechanism through milk to the child.

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