The difference in growth partners determines the nature of their relationship

A curious fact was established by scientists from rice University and the University of North Texas. It turned out that the age difference between the partners determines the nature and degree of intimacy in the relationship.

In the process of research was involved almost 1000 people. As expected, the majority of women preferred to build relationships and family with tall men. Look at his companion from top to bottom - not the most pleasant part of the women admitted that they would feel in such a situation awkward. Low rise men forced to abandon heels, and the arms are not so attractive and pleasant.

Interestingly, the growth of the women were of little interest to men. Only 13.5% sometimes thought about the fact that the second half should be shorter.

Experts agree: in a relationship each plays its own role. In men it usually dominant. Most women are satisfied with this position, and the high growth only helps to strengthen the image of the defender. The man dominates and directs, while the woman gives warmth and affection, brings a spark into a relationship.

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