The diet of the pregnant mother - child health

A new study by researchers from the National Institute of agronomic research in France has shown the link between a mother's diet during pregnancy and risk of Allergy development in children.

If the mother's diet contains a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Pufas), which are found in fish, walnut oil, the intestines of the child is developing differently, immune cells respond to bacteria and foreign substances, thereby making the child more resistant to allergens after birth.

Held earlier clinical trials have shown that fish and walnut oil during pregnancy reduces the risk of allergies in children, but the mechanism of action was unknown. The group of polyunsaturated fatty acids called N-3PUFAs makes the intestines of the baby more permeable, which allows bacteria and new substances to pass through the intestinal mucosa into the blood, such new substances cause an immune response in the child, and therefore the production of antibodies. Thus, the child's immune system develops better, and then after birth reduces the likelihood of allergies.

Previously, scientists found that consumption of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in food mothers helps the maturation of the Central nervous system of the child, which ultimately positively appears on his mental abilities.

So the diet with fish and walnut oil makes a child smarter and reduces the risk of allergies.

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